Group Purchasing Organization

Strategic sourcing & contracting services

Our primary sourcing and contracting goal is to help you drive toward contract compliance and standardization. We strive for the optimal number of strategic partners to achieve the best price and drive value outside the contract.

We Can also help you
  • Utilize requests for proposals (RFPs) and reverse auctions to improve contract pricing
  • Create an annual sourcing and contracting plan
  • Monitor and ensure supplier service level agreements and contractual requirements are maintained, including failure to supply components
  • Develop savings targets, contract compliance and supply cost goals
  • Tailor strategies to meet your needs
  • Find insights and operation processes for mitigation management services, promoting a resilient supply chain.

Our modular approach to strategic sourcing and contracting

We deliver traditional GPO services with a fresh, customizable approach. Our strategic sourcing and contracting GPO strategies help deliver all the traditional GPO benefits: cost reduction, top quartile pricing, an ever-growing product portfolio and more. However, what makes us different from other GPO solutions is our modular design. With it, you can benefit from custom contracting. You do not have to use our portfolio exclusively.

We seek a narrower supply base with best-in-class pricing and unique contract language. These strategies get rid of traditional contracts in favor of creating value that lasts over time. Our sustainable contracting solution is based on clinically proven standards and matched with optimal suppliers. You’ll benefit from contractual relationships that assure perpetual optimization rather than a periodic “initiative” or “reset.”

Delivering strategic sourcing and contracting

We follow six steps to deliver quality GPO solutions for you:

Analyze savings or standardization opportunities through insights and analytics
Identify and assess market value pricing, benchmarking, supplier community and industry trends
Develop a strategy based on patient quality outcomes, savings opportunities and overall fit
Select a strategy and provide input for key stakeholders across your organization
Negotiate terms and conditions with strategic partners until a contract is signed
Provide operations with information to implement the new strategy

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