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Purchased Services

Approaching purchased services strategically

With our purchased services, we deliver value by: 

  • Standardizing procedures to ensure delivery of consistent services
  • Leveraging technological solutions to optimize productivity and develop new analytic capabilities
  • Developing a consolidated competency model to replace siloed teams with cross-functional roles and drive exceptional results across service lines

Health care technology management

Our comprehensive health care technology management (HTM) program provides complete management of all medical equipment services in a health care facility. Our HTM program focuses on cost control, risk management and optimizing supply chain support. It covers ongoing maintenance, monitoring for and addressing recalls, disinfection and distribution, and more.

  • Health care technology management for imaging, biomedical, and laboratory equipment
  • Capital planning and asset optimization
  • Rental equipment management
  • Cybersecurity management
  • Mobile equipment cleaning and distribution

Hospitality program

We offer ways to deliver services that support your hospitality efforts and improve the patient experience by focusing on best-in-class workforce training and talent management, standardized operations, and digital solutions, all of which can improve the quality of services and reduce costs.

  • Food and nutrition to improve the patient experience
  • Patient transport, with a focus on enhancing transport times
  • Environmental services, including improved room turnaround times

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