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Purchased Services

Improve your bottom line by getting the most out of your purchased services

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What are purchased services in healthcare?

A purchased service is typically any non-labor spend a healthcare organization acquires from outside vendors rather than providing those services in-house.

These services are usually contracted or outsourced to vendors specializing in a particular industry or service offering.

We can provide expert oversight and support to the following purchased services at your organization:

  • Clinical Engineering
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Patient Transport
  • Environmental Services (EVS)
  • Facilities Management
  • Information Technology (IT) Solutions
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Why choose Advantus for purchased service management?

We approach the Purchased Services space differently – we intentionally evaluate and build strong and trusted partnerships with our strategic suppliers and vendors.

These relationships result in long-term, innovative, service-orientated collaborative agreements that meet your needs.

 To maximize your benefits, we provide insights and knowledge when negotiating purchased service contracts.

And we look for opportunities to help improve efficiencies and ensure you receive the best price.

Advancing healthcare excellence through technology management

Our comprehensive and optimized health care technology management (HTM) program (also known as clinical engineering) completely manages all medical equipment services in a health care facility.

Our HTM program focuses on cost control, risk management and optimizing supply chain support. It covers ongoing maintenance, monitoring for and addressing recalls, disinfection and distribution, and more.

  • Healthcare technology management for imaging, biomedical, and laboratory equipment
  • Capital planning and asset optimization
  • Rental equipment management
  • Cybersecurity management
  • Mobile equipment cleaning and distribution
Advantus & GE Healthcare – Building healthier futures together
“We are excited to build a healthier future by managing the comprehensive service needs of healthcare providers. Together, with Advantus Health Partners, we will support health care organizations as they evolve and adapt to meet their ever-changing needs and those of the communities they serve." - Mohamed El-Demerdash, President, GE HealthCare U.S. and Canada Services
Advantus & HHS – Extending Hospitality Services Expertise
“We’re proud to partner with a leading healthcare solutions company like Advantus Health Partners. This enables us to seamlessly extend our hospitality services expertise to a wide range of hospitals and health systems.” – Bobby Floyd, Chairman & CEO – Hospital Housekeeping Systems (HHS)

Best-in-class hospitality management

Improve your patients’ experience and quality of services, all while reducing costs by implementing our best-in-class workforce training and talent management, standardized operations and digital solutions.

We’ve partnered with the best in hospital hospitality to help you boost:

  • Food and nutrition programs to improve the patient experience
  • Patient transport, with a focus on enhancing transport times
  • Environmental services, including improved room turnaround times

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