Advantus Health Partners will operate with high ethical and regulatory standards as a purchasing agent for its members, and will also attempt to operate as efficiently as possible to minimize its costs. In consideration of the administrative and other services Advantus Health Partners performs in connection with purchases of vendors’ products and services by members under vendor contracts, vendors pay Advantus Health Partners an administrative fee. Advantus Health Partners may distribute all or portions of administrative fees in excess of its costs to its members. Advantus Health Partners requires vendors to provide Advantus Health Partners with records and reports detailing each member’s spending and purchasing volume under the vendors’ contracts for purposes of calculating and allocating such administrative fees. Tracking of spending and purchasing volumes for each member and the associated administrative fees will allow Advantus Health Partners to determine what, if any, portion of each vendor’s administrative fees were passed through to members, which enables Advantus Health Partners and members to comply with any reporting and disclosure requirements, and in addition, will enable vendors to comply with their own reporting requirements. Within this website, vendors may obtain and provide information about contracts maintained with Advantus Health Partners and the purchasing activity of its members.