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Integrated Logistics & Distribution

Field operations

You get support for full field-based supply chain solutions and services. Our highly qualified professionals work to deliver the following innovative solutions to help you manage your fields operations.

Next-generation supply chain field operations

With Advantus, you get a team focused on being proactive and communicative to ensure smooth supply chain operations. Our field operations next-generation solutions include:

  • Access to our proven technology and processes
  • Embedded leadership to meet all challenges
  • Proactive, local inventory management
  • Recall management
  • Conversion agility
  • Financial month-end analysis
  • Enhanced communication, including weekly email updates and monthly operational performance review presentations


Our pharmacy services focus on distribution, inventory and waste mitigation. We leverage distributor partnerships to deliver standardized distribution processes that drive effective distribution, inventory and purchasing solutions.

Pharmacy purchasing operations

When streamlining purchasing operations for your pharmacy needs, we bring our expertise on purchasing, reporting and consulting to:

  • Implement a standardized purchasing framework and leverage Willow Inventory platform for all pharmaceutical suppliers
  • Optimize wholesaler and supplier contract compliance
  • Develop and utilize predictive analytics to help mitigate shortages
  • Present routine business reviews to outline financial performance, KPIs and strategic initiatives

Inventory management

Get insights and expertise to support inventory management, including the maintenance of critical supply stockpiles.

We want to make sure you have the inventory you need, when you need it. We work to support inventory management and channel optimization in the following ways:
  • Developing solutions through technology to standardize point of use capture and product reorder
  • Utilizing existing distribution methods for centralized bulk inventory to ensure on-demand access to critical supplies
  • Utilizing insights to have real-time line of sight of inventory stock levels and understand trends with product allocations and constraints, freight service issues and product reallocation opportunities
  • Building a centralized bulk inventory of critical supplies to support future spikes with the COVID-19 pandemic, the flu and more
  • Developing a comprehensive reallocation program that provides solutions to critical supply access and waste management
Tailored programs can best meet your needs; that’s why our freight advisory services include:
  • Communication strategy encompassing internal and external partners before, during and after project development and execution
  • Operational process consulting to maximize channel efficiencies and lower freight cost
  • Enforcement and monitoring of compliance with the help of impacts team and insights dashboards
  • PPI distribution solutions
We leverage strategic distributor partnerships to deliver a singular, channel-optimized, medical-surgical and lab supply distribution program. This approach can help:
  • Reduce third-party parcel deliveries, increasing dependability and receiving productivity while decreasing on-hand delivery.
  • Serve multiple levels of care from one distribution center, including primary care, outpatient services, acute care and long-term care.
  • Offer products that span multiple services lines (such as medical, surgical and laboratory).

We offer clients a full-line strategic distributor partnership to create a singular and standardized distribution process for non-acute and home care settings. This includes distribution to:

  • Non-acute points of care (e.g., surgery centers)
  • Primary and specialty care practices and clinics
  • Some ASCs

We help our clients towards contract compliance and operational model standardization. We can also tailor non-acute operations strategies to meet your needs.