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Insights & Technology

Old standards face new requirements

The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on supply chain issues. It’s imperative that hospitals cut costs and drive efficiency to remain financially viable. Better process design, more efficient product and inventory management, and effective organizational design all contribute to that goal. A complimentary toolkit of advanced analytics solutions connects these important elements.

Unlock insights to drive decisions

It’s not secret, health care lags behind other industries in terms of sophisticated tools that link the physical and digital aspects of the supply chain. At Advantus Health Partners, our Insights tools do more than churn out spreadsheets. They enable you to identify opportunities and drill down to your organization’s issues to find true value.

We don’t just implement a tool and walk away. Our collaborative engagements ensure your data evaluation processes to meet your organization’s needs.

How our tools empower your team

We go beyond the spreadsheet because health care requires ingenuity. Our tools give you access to the following and more:

Commodity market analysis
Review of clinical variation in surgical procedures
Performance monitoring and measurement
Implementation support

Gain beneficial insight

Our Insights and Technology solution delivers the fundamental value of meaningful, actionable data. Based on your actual purchasing and utilization data, you’re able to identify areas for improvement.

Monitor utilization and compliance

We enable you to monitor product ordering compliance to help keep costs as low as possible. You can identify overuse or higher-priced purchases at the facility, department or individual level so you can improve adherence.

Make proactive decisions

We can help you make the most of your relationship with Advantus. Our suite of tools and our expert team can help you:

  • Improve process design
  • Efficiently manage products and inventory
  • Develop a more efficient organizational structure

Start a new tradition with an updated supply chain paradigm. We’ll help you optimize to find savings and increase efficiency.

Find out more about how we can help you transform your supply chain.