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Clinical Transformation

Increase clinical efficacy

Our clinical transformation team, led by a board-certified surgeon, delivers proven results for physician engagement, product implementation, clinical process design and integration. We support your efforts to deliver excellent health care by using evidence-based patient outcome data that:

  • Decreases clinical variability
  • Drives product selection
  • Optimizes product usage while reducing and controlling costs

System solutions

Clinical transformation results from powerful tools that focus on assessing and continually improving the way patient care and supply chain practices are delivered throughout an organization. Work with Advantus, and you’ll have access to system solutions that focus on the best evidence available and let you measure and report with a high degree of granularity.

When Advantus Clinical Transformation solutions are part of your strategy, they can lead your organization to greater safety, performance, quality, efficiency and satisfaction. That’s transformation at its best.

How our clinical transformation model works

We help you form a committee and work closely with you to: 

Identify opportunities for improvement
Use value chain analysis to identify the best solutions
Complete the contracting processes
Implement the contracted solutions
Measure available results

The Advantus clinical transformation committee model is categorized by specific service lines. Each service line committee includes representation from

  • Finance
  • Clinicians
  • Infection Prevention
  • Nursing Leaders
  • Quality

Key staffing roles support your success

Advantus provides two key staff positions to augment the clinical transformation committee and manage product utilization.

Clinical resource program managers (CRPMs)

Clinical resource program managers are based locally across the organization. They are responsible for building relationships and applying actionable data to help you improve clinical quality. They manage new product introductions and streamline supply use with a focus on quality and cost.

Surgical navigators

Surgical navigators maximize stakeholder satisfaction and contain costs with an emphasis on optimizing preference card management, reducing waste, maintaining surgical packs, supporting growth and facilitating change.

Are you ready to learn more about clinical transformation and how Advantus Health Partners can make it happen?