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March 15, 2024

Advantus Health Partners and Delta Health System Forge a Cost-Effective Alliance in Health Care

In the ever-changing health care industry landscape, the strategic partnership between Advantus Health Partners and Delta Health System has emerged as a beacon of innovation and cost efficiency. Delta Health System, needing to reduce supply chain costs, was searching for an alternate option to augment their Group Purchasing Organization (GPO). They found Advantus to be a reliable partner with a proven track record.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Delta Health System, Iris Yeldell Stacker says, “My goal is to serve the Mississippi Delta region with excellent care and compassion. To do so, we choose partners who enable us to offer high quality care while also maximizing efficiencies and managing costs.”

Delta’s Quest for Cost Reduction

Delta Health System, a rural health system in Greenville, Mississippi, was initially aligned with a large primary GPO. However, amid tough economic times, Delta Health System needed to further trim expenses. With a goal to reduce costs by 3-5%, Delta Health System set out to find a secondary GPO to complement their existing primary GPO partnership and navigate the financial challenges of the health care sector.

Advantus Health Partners Helped Delta Health System Exceed Its Goal

Advantus Health Partners negotiated a lower contract for Delta Health System through their strategic partnership with Medline. As a result, Advantus helped Delta Health System achieve an impressive 11% reduction in expenses through an aggressive pricing model without causing any operational disruptions.

Jonathan Smith, Director of Materials Management at Delta Health System, expressed his satisfaction with the partnership. He stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Advantus Health Partners. Their aggressive pricing model and proven track record have already delivered tangible results for us. The 11% reduction achieved with our Medline contract is a testament to their commitment to our financial goals. Working with Advantus has been a seamless experience, and we look forward to further optimizing our procurement processes with their expertise.”

Advantus’s Aggressive Pricing Model

A cornerstone of Advantus Health Partners’ success lies in its aggressive pricing model, which stands out as one of the most competitive in the industry. Advantus ensures that health care organizations can access the best products at the most cost-effective prices by negotiating favorable contracts and leveraging its extensive network of suppliers. The 11% reduction achieved with Delta Health System is a testament to the efficacy of this approach.

Seamless Integration Supports Uninterrupted Patient Care

A critical aspect of this partnership is the seamless integration achieved by Advantus. Despite the ambitious cost-cutting goals, Advantus minimized operational disruptions. The collaborative efforts of both Advantus and Delta Health System highlight a shared commitment to excellence in health care procurement without compromising patient care.

Looking Ahead

The partnership between Advantus and Delta Health System addresses the financial challenges faced by health care organizations and the importance of strategic alliances in navigating uncertainties. Advantus and Delta Health System are paving the way for a more cost-effective and efficient health care future.

Strategic collaborations like these become instrumental as organizations strive to balance financial responsibility with operational excellence. The success achieved in reducing expenses with the Medline contract is just the beginning.

About Delta Health System

Delta Health System has been serving the Greenville, MS, and region for over 70 years with the mission of providing high-quality medical services to the citizens and communities served. When you choose The Medical Center, you have access to an incredible network of talented physicians and staff committed to providing you with the quality of care you need with the hometown hospitality you want.

Delta Health System has a dedicated and compassionate team eager to deliver an exceptional patient experience to you and your family. Our goal is to continue providing world-class healthcare to all we serve. Delta Health System believes in caring for and about our patients, providers, employees, and community. Your healthcare is our focus.

About Advantus 

Advantus Health Partners is a health care solutions company that makes the supply chain easier for its clients through streamlined supply chain management, organizational purchasing, operations, and cost-savings efficiencies. With innovation at the forefront and an advanced operational model, Advantus provides a portfolio of solutions to drive value beyond contracting further, all with the singular goal of reducing health care costs across the U.S. Advantus is committed to helping organizations meet business goals through its distinct solutions.  

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