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The Future of Supply Chain Is Not the GPO

The traditional approach to health care supply chain operations is facing a transformative shift. In an article with Healthcare Purchasing News, Jimmy Chung, MD, chief medical officer at Advantus Health Partners, sheds light on the future of supply chain transformation. As health systems recognize the pivotal role of supply chain

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Navigating the National Drug Shortage Crisis

One of the most pressing challenges faced by the health care industry is the national drug shortage crisis. Craig Wright, vice president of Pharmacy Services at Advantus Health Partners, sheds light on the complexities of this crisis and provides insight into how the health care system can tackle the issue head-on.

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The Purpose of Today’s Health Care Supply Chain

Because health care is essential to our lives, ensuring the seamless flow of medical supplies and innovation is, too. In a recent episode of the Med-Tech Gurus podcast, Dan Hurry, president of Advantus Health Partners, shares insights on the purpose of supply chain organizations in health care. Comparing Health Care

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Transforming Health Care Supply Chains for a Brighter Future

At Advantus Health Partners, we’re continuing to reshape health care supply chains, working to ensure that the industry remains resilient and efficient. In a recent interview with Pulse 2.0, Dan Hurry, president of Advantus, provided insights into how Advantus is revolutionizing health care supply chains. Navigating Uncharted Waters Launching a

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Try a New Approach to Find Health Care Supply Chain Savings

As health systems face continued financial challenges, 47% of health care leaders say supply cost reductions will be among their top cost-saving initiatives this year. These reductions will demand difficult choices around what to cut and necessitate an agile response in an inflationary environment. The old ways of doing things

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Advantus President, Dan Hurry, Featured in Becker’s Hospital Review

Dan Hurry, president of Advantus Health Partners, was featured in an article in Becker’s Hospital Review about “Healthcare Supply Chain’s No. 1 Issue: A Language Barrier.” In the article, Dan discusses the biggest problem for the medical supply chain. Dan believes we don’t have the consistency and intelligence to make

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