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December 13, 2023

Advantus Health Partners and Southwest Ohio Health Care Affiliates (SOHCA) Announce Partnership to Deliver Supply Chain Value to their community health care members

Advantus will work in tandem with SOHCA to strengthen and expand group purchasing power to their community health care members

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Dec. 13, 2023)Advantus Health Partners, a health care solutions company delivering more effective, efficient supply chain models to health care organizations, announced a partnership with the SOHCA a subsidiary of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA), a member services organization that helps local hospitals and health care organizations provide quality medical treatment in the greater Dayton area. The partnership gives SOHCA members access to Advantus’ comprehensive group purchasing arm and deep industry expertise, bolstering supply chain operations by fostering strong relationships with health care vendors.

“At a time when deriving value from supply chain is top of mind for all health care organizations, we are excited to bring solutions that will drive supply chain resiliency and optimization for the local members of SOHCA,” said Dan Hurry, president of Advantus. “This partnership will continue our mission to drive value within organizations through collaboration, optimization and innovation.”

Today, supply chain challenges remain a concern for health care leaders. A Health Industry Distributors Association (HIDA) report indicates 93% of health care provider organization executives are still experiencing product shortages since the COVID-19 pandemic. The partnership with Advantus will help GDAHA’s 29 hospital and partner organization members overcome industry challenges through the strength and diversity of health care products offered through Advantus and an unparalleled pricing structure that allows for top pricing options.

“We recognize the challenges our members are facing on the supply chain front and look forward to the ways in which our collaboration with Advantus will change current dynamics for the better,” said Marty Larson, COO, GDAHA. “We are dedicated to advancing health care in the Dayton area. This move will ensure our members have access to a larger supply chain system that can help meet our goals of cost reduction, top-quartile pricing, and an expansive product portfolio.”

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