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February 26, 2024

Streamline Supply Chain and Advance Patient-Centered Care Through Clinical Transformation

There’s too much variability in U.S. health care, which leads to waste and worse patient outcomes. As a surgeon, Dr. Jimmy Chung saw this problem firsthand.  

Dr. Chung’s journey into health care supply chain management was not a traditional path for a physician. After more than a decade in general surgery, he sought to broaden his impact on health care delivery. An opportunity led him to explore a novel role at a large health system, igniting his passion for supply chain optimization.

Jimmy Chung

Dr. Jimmy Chung, now chief medical officer at Advantus Health Partners, leads Clinical Transformation at Advantus. He specializes in simplifying the health care supply chain. In an interview with the Journal of mhealth, Dr. Chung discusses the culture of variability in U.S. health care that leads to waste and how the industry can overcome this challenge.

Reducing Health Care Variability and Streamlining Workflows

Dr. Chung sheds light on the culture of variability within health care, particularly in surgical practices, where inefficiencies and waste often go unnoticed. Through data-driven analysis and physician engagement, Dr. Chung advocates for standardization to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary costs.

Transitioning to Value-Based Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

In the quest for a more streamlined approach to procurement, Dr. Chung champions the adoption of value-based GPO portfolios. Dr. Chung draws parallels to the Costco model, where quality supersedes quantity. He also emphasizes strategic partnerships with suppliers to ensure optimal patient care and cost-effectiveness.

How does this benefit both parties? In a Costco model, the customer gets a discounted price in exchange for buying a larger quantity of a vetted product. Costco vets the product and offers it to members, guaranteeing higher purchase volume for a higher quality product.

“In similar fashion, Advantus is not going to contract with every vendor out there,” says Dr. Chung. “We want to have strategic partnerships with specific suppliers who will agree to pricing that will be best-in-class for vetted products, and we want to help health systems that are ready to adopt a truly patient-centered, value-based care model.”

Environmental Impact of Supply Chain Practices

Health care contributes significantly to environmental pollution. Dr. Chung emphasizes the responsibility of supply chain management in promoting sustainability. By fostering collaborative partnerships and embracing eco-friendly practices, supply chain leaders can mitigate their carbon footprint and contribute to global well-being.

Optimize Clinical Workflows to Prioritize Patient-Centered Care

Above all, Dr. Chung advocates for a shift towards patient-centered health care. By prioritizing standardized practices and aligning with patient preferences, health care organizations can ensure consistent, reliable outcomes while fostering trust and satisfaction among patients.

Dr. Chung’s insights highlight the pivotal role of supply chain management in driving efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and patient-centered care in health care. His visionary leadership in health care supply chain management epitomizes the convergence of medical expertise and operational excellence.

Contact Advantus to discuss the pivotal role of clinical transformation and the need for a shift towards a patient-centric approach in health care supply chain management.

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