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What makes us different?

Years of Proven Expertise

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Advanced Analytics

to drive savings analysis, benchmarking, market basket review, supplier cross-references

Consolidated Distribution

that allows for low cost, single-channel distribution well beyond typical core distributor service levels

Aggregated Purchase Service Contracting

for things like Nutritional Services, IT Hardware and Software, Security, Biomedical Services, Capital Planning, and more

Strategic Sourcing Operations

Customized Business Solutions

to meet a variety
of specific needs

Strategic Sourcing Solutions

At Advantus Health Partners, we can help with a myriad of needs, including:

• Laboratory Supplies
• CV Physician Preference Devices and Other Implants
• IV Solutions and Sets
• Food and Nutritional Services Outsourcing
• Reference Lab
• IT Hardware and Software
• EVS, Security, Dialysis and many other Services
• Biomedical Services and Big-Iron Repair and Maintenance
• Office Supplies and Equipment
• Capital Planning and Acquisition

Our Strategic Sourcing Operations includes sourcing for all medical, surgical, pharmaceutical supplies utilizing high aggregation and high contract compliance targets to drive best in market.

We also offer Custom Sourcing Solutions tailored to specific needs for Orthopedic, Neuro and Cardiovascular Implants, Surgical Robotics Programs and Best Practice Development Pharmaceutical Sourcing.