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October 3, 2023

A Nurse’s Impact Behind the Scenes on Supply Chain

In celebration of National Supply Chain Week, we take great pride in acknowledging the importance of the health care supply chain professionals and honor them for their exceptional contributions to patient care and the innovative ways in which they support their health care organizations and communities.

Shelon Anderson, BSN, RN, director of Supply Chain Clinical Transformation at Advantus Health Partners, made an unconventional transition from nursing to supply chain management. Prior to joining the Advantus team, Shelon had been in the Operating Room for twelve years. “I was exposed to supply chain through a committee and became curious. What I was also drawn to was working with an amazing group of nurses who had migrated to supply chain at some point in their careers. Having the expertise of the clinical team is an important factor in the innerworkings of supply chain,” shares Shelon.

In an article with Becker’s Healthcare, she describes her journey, one that not only defies the traditional career path but also underscores the critical role that supply chain plays in enhancing patient care and operational efficiency.

Shelon Anderson

A Shift in Perspective: Marrying Nursing with Supply Chain

After dedicating more than two decades to patient care as a nurse, Shelon embarked on a new path within the health care ecosystem. Her journey took her from the bedside to the supply chain. Her career shift was sparked by her desire to impact patients indirectly, in a way that’s equally pivotal to their care. Drawing from her experience in the operating room, she recognized the profound importance of clinical staff involvement in supply chain decisions.

A Broader View of Patient Care

At Advantus, Shelon is living proof that an innovative approach to health care can yield exceptional results. In her role within Clinical Transformation at Advantus, she champions a more comprehensive perspective on patient care. By collaborating with surgeons, nursing staff, and other stakeholders, the Clinical Transformation team is at the forefront of ensuring that the products and devices used in health care facilities align with the best interests of patients. This broader perspective has been instrumental in shaping the way supply chain decisions are made, driving both cost savings and enhanced care outcomes.

Advice for Fellow Health Care Supply Chain Leaders

Through her journey, Shelon has gathered insights that resonate with her peers in supply chain leadership positions. She emphasizes the pivotal role supply chain plays in providing excellent care to patients, a lesson underscored by the challenges and successes witnessed during the pandemic. Collaboration, particularly with a multidisciplinary team, is key to overcoming obstacles and driving positive change. Her wisdom underscores the importance of remaining agile in the face of constant change and embracing the transformative power it can bring.

Embracing Change and Pioneering Impact

Shelon Anderson’s career trajectory reflects a narrative of adaptability, innovation, and dedication to patient care. Her transition from nursing to supply chain leadership is a testament to the incredible potential for impact beyond the bedside. By reimagining the supply chain as a critical component of health care, Shelon illuminates the often-overlooked work that propels the industry forward. Her journey is a reminder that a single individual’s passion and perspective can drive transformative change, ultimately benefiting patients and professionals alike.

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