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March 8, 2022

Women’s History Month — Leader Spotlight, Amy Whitaker

Corporate Vice President, Supply Chain Clinical Transformation Amy Whitaker

Advantus Health Partners values and appreciates the contributions of all its employees. As a supply chain and health care solutions company, Advantus relies on the expertise and insight of a diverse group of individuals. In celebration of Women’s History Month, Advantus would like to highlight an associate whose passion and dedication have grown the business tremendously in a short period, Amy Whitaker.

Amy Whitaker began her career as a nurse. After a decade of experience on the hospital floor, Amy quickly recognized how budgets, supplies, and schedules were reflected in the quality of a patient’s care. It was clear to her that quality care started long before the patient entered the room. This realization began to shift her curiosity to value analysis and supply chain. In 2008, Amy officially made the transition from nurse to her first supply chain position.

Nearly ten years later in 2018, Dan Hurry, Chief Supply Chain Officer of Mercy Health, recognized Amy’s natural affinity and talents for supply chain. He asked Amy if she’d like to spearhead the newly developed Clinical Transformation team at Bon Secours Mercy Health. This new team was tasked with establishing a consolidated value analysis process for more than 40 hospitals. While this was not a typical career path for a nurse, Amy never lost her passion for patient care. Amy was thrilled to direct this new endeavor, always keeping the patient in mind.

Amy’s team grew, even during the pandemic. In 2021, she transitioned her team from Bon Secours Mercy Health to Advantus Health Partners. Today, as Corporate Vice President of Clinical Transformation at Advantus Health Partners, Amy continues to lead Clinical Transformation efforts for BSMH and future clients of Advantus. The Clinical Transformation team is comprised of 87% women, with six female Directors who also have nursing backgrounds. Amy has indeed paved the way for increased clinical influence in the supply chain!

Because Amy has had two different career paths, she will tell you her work in health care has been incredibly rewarding; the nursing background she believes was foundational gave her the tools she needed to excel in business management. “I’m proud of it'” said Amy. “I’m proud of a lot, but one of the biggest things I’m proud of was the ability to dream something, sell it, and then bring it to life, specifically with Advantus. When Bon Secours merged with Mercy Health, there were nine people within the Clinical Transformation team, and now there are 40 in a layered team with many different direct reports. It was bizarre and marvelous to look back and see how it’s grown.”

In addition, to being an excellent leader, Amy is also a natural mentor. Amy will routinely share her career path to inspire other women. Whether she’s encouraging nurses who have an interest in entering the supply chain or different management roles in healthcare, she listens to learn where a person’s passion lies, and she does what she can to help them get there. Amy recently said, “I’m in health care, but I don’t practice nursing. I want other females to feel comfortable, make goals and work toward them. If you fail, get back up.” Amy also stressed the need for women to seek out mentors and other women who support them, “If you can find your tribe, hold on to them. I’m lucky to have several close mentors, and we talk through things to get each other’s perspectives. This is important if you want to break through a male-dominated culture.”

Amy’s daughters are her inspiration. “I want my girls to know that they can do anything. And just because you start in one place, even if you love it, other doors will open, and sometimes you need to be brave and explore the other side. It can be scary, but you can do it! I never thought over 20 years ago, as a nurse, I’d be here today!” said Amy.  

Advantus Health Partners is proud of Amy’s achievements and her commitment to the patient. Amy is a bright light for Advantus Health Partners, and a strategic, business-minded leader. Advantus cannot wait to see what she will dream next!

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