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May 15, 2024

Advantus Health Partners and Warrior Outdoor Enhance Patient Care for 1.9 Million Indigenous People

Retail approach to health care supply chain sparks new partnership

Cincinnati, Ohio and Anchorage, Alaska (May 14, 2024) — The pandemic caused many organizations to adapt and make changes, which holds true for Advantus Health Partners and Warrior Outdoor, LLC. The leaders of Advantus Health Partners accelerated the launch of the health care solutions and supply chain company to meet the health care industry’s needs at a critical time, while Warrior Outdoor expanded into Personal Protective Equipment in an effort to further support the indigenous communities they serve.

In a new strategic collaboration for the two companies, which share a retail approach to health care solutions, they will improve how care is delivered to the 1.9 million American Indians and Alaska Natives that Warrior serves through their supply of medical, janitorial, and industrial products and government sourcing business lines.

“We are committed to improving the quality of life for our people by supplying superior medical products, technological advancements, and access to affordable medications,” said Charles Nading, CEO of Warrior Outdoor, LLC. “Partnering with Advantus allows us to provide modern health care solutions to historically underserved tribal communities, leveraging a nimble, retail approach to supply chain that helps us all succeed.”

Advantus focuses on flexibility and options in their innovative approach to health care supply chain, which is part of their retail philosophy that also includes strategic supplier partnerships with companies such as GE Healthcare for health care technology management, Medline for supplies and HHS for hospitality services.

“When we learned that some American Indian communities are more than a four-hour drive from a hospital, and many Alaska Native villages are not accessible by roads and only accessible by bush plane or snow machine, we wanted to partner with Warrior Outdoor to ensure the right medical equipment and supplies are in place for all the health care needs of these communities,” said Dan Hurry, president of Advantus Health Partners. “We have a commitment to supplier diversity and impact purchasing, to advance minority-owned businesses, eliminate waste and deliver true value, while prioritizing quality patient care. Warrior is a great partner for this important work.”

The strategic partnership between Warrior Outdoor and Advantus maximizes Warrior’s ability to bring access and savings to the tribal nations it serves, while establishing Warrior as a preferred vendor for all sourcing needs within underserved tribal hospitals, senior living, food services, and casino/hotel management.

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