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December 11, 2023

Advantus Health Partners Expands Data Solutions for Health Care Supply Chain

SupplyCopia collaboration enhances patient-centered decision making and reduces costs

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Dec. 12, 2023) — Advantus Health Partners and SupplyCopia have formed a strategic partnership that will expand and enhance data solutions for Advantus clients, through SupplyCopia’s distinct approach to leveraging data science that delivers a fully integrated health care supply chain platform with industry-leading management solutions, analysis tools and modules that assist with holistic patient-centered decision making and variation reduction.  

This is a multi-year partnership utilizing broad-scale analyses to drive action, improve planning and deliver results within the health care industry. With the goal to create a model of best practice, SupplyCopia data scientists use advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to analyze millions of products, prices and procedures.

“At Advantus we know that information is power, and when you have clear operational, clinical, and financial data you gain richer insights to provide better outcomes. That’s why we spent a lot of time working to identify a partner like SupplyCopia, one that represents best-in-class thinking for how to create tools for the next generation of health care supply chain,” said Dan Hurry, president of Advantus Health Partners. “Our goal is to provide an elegant insights platform that not only speaks to supply chain experts, but communicates to anyone in the hospital, a CEO, physician, or a tech, regardless of the audience, insights that allow them to do their job more efficiently.”

Advantus’ operational expertise combined with SupplyCopia’s innovative integration capabilities provides end-users what they need to make decisions. Data becomes part of a virtuous cycle, where it’s continuously learning and improving, helping health care organizations learn and improve at the same time. These tools are built by providers, for providers.

“Working with the team at Advantus has been a privilege, as we’ve combined our expertise to deliver new solutions for health care organizations,” said Ashok Muttin, founder and CEO, SupplyCopia. “Advantus has the benefit of years’ worth of data from across numerous health systems, and SupplyCopia has the data science and AI- and ML-based technology to bring that data together to create actionable intelligence. Together, we’ve built a model of continuous improvement that delivers ongoing insights, ultimately reducing costs, improving quality and supporting the best possible patient experiences.”

A recent McKinsey & Company survey cites the importance of investing in accurate, actionable data and analytics to impact supply chain performance in health care organizations in the post-pandemic marketplace.

“As a top-performing health care solutions and supply chain company, Advantus takes a transformational approach to supply chain which enables us to achieve value beyond cost reduction. Our data solution, combined with our clinical transformation and purchased services offerings are improving patient care,” said Hurry.

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