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April 7, 2022

Advantus Health Partners Sustainability Initiatives for 2022 and Beyond

Advantus Health Partners is proud to contribute to a healthier world through various sustainability efforts. These efforts drive to improve the wellness of mind, body and spirit while strengthening our relationship with the physical world. This article highlights areas we have focused on in the last year to drive change for a healthier world.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing & Emission Reductions

Reusable Products

Many of our client hospitals have transitioned to reusable products. The biggest change in the reusable landscape was achieved through gowns and pulse oximetry. These changes led to financial savings and reduced waste.

Local manufacturing

In an effort to reduce freight-related emissions, as well as build up local business and promote resilience, we have engaged with local manufacturers and secured domestic sources of goods. 

Consolidated distribution

We drive for a consolidated distribution model with all partners. Our hospitals in Ohio utilize one central distribution center for commodity goods. This model also eases logistical challenges when mitigating supply shortages.

Channel optimization

Our freight-related efforts aimed for collaboration with our supplier base will ride the same distribution rail. Now we add more of what we buy to the same truck to reduce trips and consolidate supply chains both to and from locations. With an increased effort on internal collaboration across the entire continuum of care, our channels are more streamlined. This effort is ongoing and will continue to pay dividends in years to come.

Advocacy & Leadership

HAN Impact Purchasing Commitment (IPC) signatory

Advantus supported Bon Secours Mercy Health leadership in its desire to be among the first to sign the HAN IPC, which along with a focus on collaboration, inclusion, and equity targets various goals related to sustainability. The long-term goal is to reach a critical mass of health systems adopting as an institutional priority to improve community health and well-being by leveraging all their assets, including hiring, purchasing, and investment for equitable, local economic impact

America is All In signatory

Advantus supports Bon Secours Mercy Health as it has joined the America is All In effort as one of 16 healthcare organizations. America is All In is the most expansive coalition of leaders ever assembled in support of climate action in the United States. Mobilizing thousands of U.S. cities, states, tribal nations, businesses, schools, and faith, health, and cultural institutions, the coalition is working alongside the federal government to develop a national climate strategy that meets the urgency of the climate crisis, scaling climate action around the country to empower workers and communities and promoting the leadership of non-federal actors on the world stage.

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) membership

Advantus supports Bon Secours Mercy Health who has joined with many other like-minded organizations to support various initiatives. Examples of ICCR member initiatives include calling for increased due diligence to eliminate forced labor risks in global supply chains, curbing GHG emissions to align with the 2° warming scenario established in the Paris Climate Agreement, pressing for more sustainable food systems, improved corporate water stewardship policies and more affordable and accessible health care and financial services.

Ohio Hospital Association Environmental Leadership Council (ELC) member

In addition to engaging at the national level, Advantus leadership participates in state and local efforts to promote sustainable practices.

World Health Day

World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated every year on April 7. This year, the theme is our planet, our health. Sustainability not only helps our environment but can also help improve the health of communities that are poorer and under-served. As part of our commitment to aid these communities, Advantus is excited to further expand our sustainability efforts in the future.

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