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May 11, 2022

Celebrating Nurses Week: Recognizing the Amazing Nurses Who Work at Advantus Health Partners

National Nurses Week begins each year on May 6th and ends on May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. With more than 3 million licensed nurses in the US today, nurses make up the highest percentage of the US healthcare workforce. As we all know, Nurses are integral to hospitals and health systems, but they are also crucial to the work we do at Advantus too. We share the same goal of providing the best care to patients and we would not be able to achieve this without the hard work of our nurses!

To honor the amazing nurses who work at Advantus Health Partners, we asked a few of our leaders two questions: Why did they become a nurse? What is the best thing about being a nurse in supply chain? Read below to see their answers.

Lisa Maynard, BSN, RN

Director of Clinical Transformation – Cardiovascular

Shelon Anderson, MBA, BSN, RN, CNOR

Director of Clinical Transformation – Musculoskeletal and Neuroscience

Crystal Youngless, BSN, RN

Clinical Resource Program Manager – Lorain, OH Market

Ashley Henry MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS

Clinical Resource Program Manager – Richmond, VA Market

Why did you become a nurse? 

[Lisa Maynard, BSN, RN] The reason I became a nurse actually has nothing to do with why I love my career so much.  Originally, I became a nurse because it was practical.  I attended Pikeville College in eastern Kentucky straight out of high school on a full academic scholarship.  I wanted steady income in a secure field to raise a family on.  It was later that I fell in love with the career.  Nurses get an opportunity to get to know people in their most vulnerable state.  We get to see the beauty and resilience of the human spirit and get to be a light in some of the darkest hours of our patients.  Being a nurse is a hard, hard job but I doubt there is any career more rewarding.

[Shelon Anderson MBA, BSN, RN, CNOR] I became a nurse because I wanted to help people. I made the decision right out of high school. I became a CNA first and felt called to do more, so I applied to a School of Nursing and obtained my RN degree. Becoming a nurse was a great decision because I have impacted the lives of so many patients during my 21 + years in Nursing.  You feel like you truly do make a difference for them.

[Crystal Youngless, BSN, RN] I chose the Nursing Profession because I have a passion for improving the health of my family and community.  I love the opportunity to counsel and educate patients and staff.  It has been my pleasure for the last 18 years to care for my community at Mercy Regional Medical Center.

[Ashley Henry MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS] I became a nurse because of my love for helping others. One of the things I have loved most about being a nurse has been the ability to play such an important role in the lives of patients and their families while they navigate difficult circumstances or celebrate victories. As a child, I always had an interest in the medical field and wanted to pursue a career that would offer many opportunities for growth. The nursing profession has provided this and so much more. Prior to working in supply chain, I worked as a bedside nurse in critical care and most recently practiced as a Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist. I am blessed to be part of such a wonderful, rewarding profession!

What is the best thing about being a nurse in Supply Chain?

[Lisa Maynard, BSN, RN] I have days when I miss patient care, but as a nurse in supply chain I am privileged to have incredible insight into both the clinical and business side of healthcare.  Without touching a patient, my team actively advocates for the tens of thousands of patients cared for by our clinicians.  We do this by ensuring doctors and nurses have what they need to provide the best care possible while working to reduce wasteful spending that could be used for growth, technological advancements, and expansion of the services to our communities.  One of Mercy Hospital Clermont’s founding members, Sister Mary George said, “Money is not our mission, but without money we have no mission.” I find significant value in know that I can use my experience to conserve funds and continue to be a part of the growth of Advantus Health Partners and those healthcare systems we serve.

[Shelon Anderson MBA, BSN, RN, CNOR] One of the best things about working as a nurse in supply chain is the fact that I get to work with such a great team of nurses who bring a great deal of knowledge and experience with them. I feel that our roles are vital in ensuring the patients who entrust their care to the Bon Secours Mercy Health ministry, will have high quality products available to them, based off of the work we do. Although we work quite a bit behind the scenes, our hands are in the processes and reviews required to bring in and evaluate new technologies, and products. It feels good to impact patient lives in the way we do, and also to be the bridge between our providers and the supply chain team!

[Crystal Youngless, BSN, RN] Being a Nurse in Supply Chain has provided me an alternative platform to continue to support my community and co-workers.  This role enables me to be a voice and corporate liaison for our Market.  I work side by side with Executive Leadership, Physicians, Nursing Professional Development, and staff providing and coordinating education to prepare for upcoming changes as well as gaining support and knowledge transfer with invaluable feedback.  I also have an amazing and dedicated Supply Chain family!

[Ashley Henry MSN, RN, CCRN, CCNS] The best thing about being a nurse in Supply Chain is being able to use my clinical knowledge to ensure quality patient care is at the forefront of all decisions. A large part of my role is developing trusting relationships with nurses and providers in order to bring vital feedback from clinicians to our supply chain teams for consideration. My goal is for our clinicians to have access to the products they need to appropriately care for patients while also balancing our commitment to financial stewardship. Being a nurse in supply chain is a great example of the many career paths available within the nursing profession!

Thank you to all the nurses at Advantus Health Partners!

Amy Whitaker

VP Clinical Transformation

China Krupin

Director – Perioperative Services

Connie Taylor

Director – General Medicine

Jenine Price

Director—Clinical Resource Program

Katherine Hazelwood

Director—Clinical Integration

Dana Tucker

Program Manager – Perioperative Services

Alisha Fata

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Angela McConnell

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Dennis Rejent

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Kristina Chadwick

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Laura Koszo

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Mary Beth Stonich

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Michael Osterbrock

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Shannon Nichols

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Stephiniea Smith

Clinical Resource Program Manager

Tammy Rush

Program Manager – General Medicine

Michelle Schaffer

Program Manager – Musculoskeletal and Neuroscience

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