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May 24, 2023

Four Common Myths about Healthcare Technology Management

Managing healthcare technology is complex. Outside of just break-fix, you’re optimizing capital, managing downtime, coordinating upgrades, and most importantly ensuring patient safety.

What is healthcare technology management (HTM)?

The Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) program offered by Advantus Health Partners considers all the above and more. In partnership with GE HealthCare, Advantus’s HTM program offers a scalable, end-to-end solution that manages your medical equipment performance and risk. Most importantly, the program ensures your equipment is available and reliable for high-quality care.

Sounds too good to be true? Still have reservations? Here are some of the top concerns we hear—and why they shouldn’t hold you back.

Myth 1: You Need the Original Equipment Manufacturer

You might think you need the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to ensure proper performance of your equipment. But the OEM is not the only expert on their equipment. GE HealthCare invests in training engineers to work on equipment from all major manufacturers. And they maintain relationships with all OEMs to use their services when needed.

Safety and uptime are core pillars of our Healthcare Technology Management program. The program has an uptime performance guarantee for mission-critical equipment, and the service strategy meets that commitment.

Myth 2: Having Old Equipment Means HTM Will Cost Too Much

Don’t worry. Our healthcare technology management program is based on the bed count of your facility, not the age, brand or quantity of equipment inside. Advantus’s HTM program covers products at and beyond the OEM’s end-of-support date until effective repairs are no longer feasible.

Myth 3: What We Really Need Is More Equipment

Possibly, but do you know enough to be sure? And what new equipment should you prioritize?

Our healthcare technology management program prioritizes uptime. Through the complete management program, we provide you with a wealth of utilization and service information to help you assess and plan your needs.

  • We monitor and report corrective maintenance for time-to-respond, time-to-repair and total downtime.
  • We use remote monitoring, diagnostics and service where available.
  • The disinfection and distribution program keeps large fleets of mobile medical equipment moving through patient care areas.

Myth 4: Using Non-OEM Service and Parts Voids Warranty

We keep your warranty intact and provide coverage once the OEM warranty ends. While your equipment is under OEM warranty, GE HealthCare performs only vendor management services such as coordinating service activity with the OEM and retaining service records. Once the OEM warranty ends, your equipment is fully covered as part of our HTM program.

Our Approach to Healthcare Technology Management

Advantus’ Healthcare Technology Management program could provide your organization with a comprehensive asset management approach that helps you control costs, reduce risks and meet your KPIs.

Contact us to discover how HTM could help you create more value and consistently deliver quality care.

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