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December 19, 2023

Pharmacy Services Purchasing Director Hal Paddock Tackles Healthcare Supply Chain Challenges with Passion and Purpose at Advantus Health Partners

Meet Hal Paddock, our dedicated pharmacy services purchasing director, who has been an integral part of the Advantus family for more than four years. Since joining in March 2019, Hal has led a dedicated team in optimizing the pharmacy supply chain and ensuring the seamless flow of critical health care resources.

Finding Inspiration in Health Care

Hal embarked on his health care supply chain journey after a successful 14-year career in the corporate, for-profit service industry. His decision to transition was driven by a desire to redefine personal success and live out his calling to provide practical help to those in true need. Hal’s passion for making a direct impact during times of vulnerability led him to the health care sector, specifically within the inspiring culture of Advantus Health Partners.

The choice to work at Advantus was influenced by his firsthand experiences with our leaders and associates, during his first 10 years in health care supply chain, while operating in wholesaler account management and sales operations capacities. Through challenges and complexities, Hal witnessed the collaborative, solution-oriented, and forward-looking culture that defines Advantus. Trusting the core cultural trajectory and recognizing the valuable and impactful vision of the organization, Hal found motivation in contributing to patient care and health care supply chain resilience.

Guiding the Pharmacy Supply Chain

As the pharmacy services purchasing director, Hal oversees a team of 30 certified pharmacy technician materials coordinators, leading efforts to optimize pharmacy supply chain and inventory. His role involves identifying and adopting best practices in sourcing, inventory management, shortage planning, ordering, receiving, and financial reporting. Serving as a liaison between his team and central leadership, Hal ensures consistent messaging and direction, while also addressing concerns through effective escalation channels.

Passionate about Helping Those in Need

What Hal loves most about working in the health care supply chain industry is the ability to make a practical, direct and positive impact on those in need.
“The shared patient-centric priorities, goals, and values within the organization fuel my passion, focus, and strength,” says Hal.

 In his role, Hal finds joy in being a part of a learner’s paradise, constantly curious and engaged in the ever-evolving landscape of the health care supply chain.

Hal’s skills and dedication don’t go unnoticed. One of his clients, Supply Chain Manager of Pharmacy Materials Cynthia Stancil at Richmond Community Hospital, shared a warm thank you for Hal.

“Thank you for always being quick to relay information about shortages and helping our team to have great communication,” said Cynthia. “You are much appreciated by all of us here in the Richmond Market!”

Our team members, like Hal, bring unique experiences, and passion to the health care supply chain industry. Contact Advantus to explore how our dedicated pharmacy services team can help you achieve your supply chain goals, ensuring greater safety, performance, quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.

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