Clinical Transformation

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Clinical Transformation

Improving patient outcomes and quality of care

Organizations like yours are rejecting practice patterns that aren’t efficient or effective. You’re embracing the concept of clinical transformation to reduce costs and improve quality. Now you’re looking for the capabilities and tools to make data available in real-time and lower the burden on scarce resources. Redesigning processes and implementing new technology can improve patient safety, quality of care and clinical outcomes.

Advantus Health Partners offers clinical transformation solutions that can take place across your facilities, departments and clinical areas of expertise.

Leading with clinical efficacy

We support your efforts to deliver excellent health care by using evidence-based patient outcome data that:

  • Decreases variation in practice
  • Drives product selection
  • Standardizes the use of products while controlling costs

Your buying power will be optimized at the system level as the clinical transformation team creates a structure that’s focused on improving:

  • New product standardization and management
  • Product utilization
  • Technology at the facility level

Who we are

Under the exceptional leadership of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jimmy Chung and System VP Clinical Transformation Amy Whitaker, the Clinical Transformation team delivers proven results for physician engagement, product implementation, clinical process design and integration.

How our Clinical Transformation model works

Our clinical transformation process features five functions. Working closely with you, we:

  1. Identify the opportunity
  2. Analyze and decide on a solution
  3. Contract based on the solution decision
  4. Implement contracted solutions
  5. Measure results

The Advantus Clinical Transformation Committee model is separated into four service lines: cardiac, perioperative, musculoskeletal and general nursing. On each service line committee, we acquire representation from:

  • Infection prevention
  • Nursing leaders – facility, market and group
  • Clinicians – physicians, nurses
  • CFO
  • Quality

At the system level, we organize and support:

  • Product variation
    • Outcome review
    • Cost optimization, standardization 
  • Process and practice variation
    • Review of process across every business unit 
    • Change management to reduce variation
  • Supply chain strategic sourcing
    • Clinically integrated sourcing process
    • Project management and change management
  • New product requests
    • Facility requests
    • Includes emergent one-time use

The key roles for success

  • Clinical Resource Program Managers (CRPMs) are based locally across the Bon Secours Mercy Health footprint. Their responsibilities include:
    • Building strong relationships with clinicians and operators
    • Improving clinical quality by leveraging actionable data
    • Managing new product introductions
    • Standardizing supply use
  • Surgical Navigators maximize stakeholder satisfaction, contain costs and support growth. Their responsibilities include:
    • Conversion facilitation
    • Cost savings and waste reduction
    • Physician onboarding
    • Preference card management
    • Surgical pack optimization

System solutions

Clinical transformation comes about through powerful tools that focus on assessing and continually improving the way patient care and supply chain practices are delivered throughout an organization. Work with Advantus, and you’ll have access to system solutions that focus on the best evidence available and let you measure and report with a high degree of granularity. When Advantus Clinical Transformation solutions are part of your strategy, they can lead your organization to greater safety, performance, quality, efficiency and satisfaction. That’s transformation at its best.


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Clinical Transformation; A Metric of Success

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