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February 27, 2023

Advantus President, Dan Hurry, Featured in Becker’s Hospital Review

Dan Hurry, president of Advantus Health Partners, was featured in an article in Becker’s Hospital Review about “Healthcare Supply Chain’s No. 1 Issue: A Language Barrier.”

In the article, Dan discusses the biggest problem for the medical supply chain. Dan believes we don’t have the consistency and intelligence to make sound decisions as an industry because we don’t have a universal language. “It’s the under-discussed underlying problem in the industry, in my opinion,” shares Dan.

To further emphasize this point, Dan uses surgical gloves as an example. “They were a hot commodity early in the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to be vital for everyday work in hospitals,” shares Dan. “Now, there are 9,000 different types in the U.S., meaning a high variation in production and distribution.”

As the industry works around this language barrier, Dan believes “the best hospital supply chain teams are fully aligned with clinical, operations and financial segments.”

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