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November 17, 2021

Bon Secours Mercy Health Ranks #7 on Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 for 2021

Bon Secours Mercy Health Earns Coveted National Ranking for Healthcare Supply Chains

In a year highlighted by the formation of Advantus Health Partners, Advantus has reached a new milestone in the supply chain field. Bon Secours Mercy Health ranked seventh in the coveted Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 for 2021. Advantus Health Partners is a subsidiary of Bon Secours Mercy Health, specializing in the supply chain.

“Gartner is the notable top rating agency for supply chain organizations in the U.S.,” said Dan Hurry, BSMH’s chief supply chain officer and president of Advantus. “This is an incredible accomplishment and a testimony to this team’s rigor, passion, and steadfast approach to supporting our patients and caregivers.”

Advantus was formed earlier this year to chart a new course for our ministry, leveraging non-traditional means to generate revenue. This supply chain service solutions organization looks to leverage what has worked at BSMH and share it with others. We are committed to strong leadership, governance and partner relations.

Advantus has succeeded in choosing partners in core areas like distribution, laboratory supplies, clinical engineering and global sourcing that have served the ministry well during the merger and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, achieving $87 million in supply chain savings.

Advantus is Now Positioned to Sell its Solutions Externally to Other Health Systems

“We know for many health organizations, having the insight and counsel that Advantus provides will be instrumental in setting them up for future success and reducing the overall cost of care,” said Dan. “Our advanced operations model, integrated logistics solutions and our alignment with clinicians in product and device decisions enable us to provide a wide variety of strategic, customized business solutions to partner facilities across the country.”

About the Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Ranking

For the 13th consecutive year, the Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain research team ranks the 25 leading supply chains. This year’s report highlights only U.S. health systems. Moving to a solely U.S. health system ranking for 2021 reflects the growing supply chain maturity across the healthcare industry.

In describing the rankings, Gartner said, “From financial and corporate social responsibility data and community opinion, we identify, celebrate and profile companies demonstrating excellence in supply chain management. Clients use the peer benchmarks to make the business case for supply chain transformation and the best practices to accelerate supply chain performance.”

The methodology for the 2021 ranking is 65% community opinion and 35% quantitative data. Community opinion comes from Gartner experts and peer voters and takes into account the specific capabilities that
improve human life at sustainable costs. Quantitative data comprises a health system’s IBM Watson Health Score and Bond Rating.

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