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May 17, 2024

GE Healthcare and Advantus: Next-Generation Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)

The GE Healthcare technology management (HTM) and Advantus Health Partners collaboration offers complete lifecycle management for health system clinical assets. This program oversees all aspects of medical device management, including procurement management, expenditures, usage, maintenance, disinfection, recalls, and cybersecurity. Through this partnership, members efficiently handle medical equipment performance and risk driving increased productivity. Advantus, in collaboration with strategic partners like GE, leads innovative supply chain models, fostering collaboration between healthcare providers, suppliers, and supply chains.

How is Advantus’ healthcare technology management (HTM) program unique?

The Advantus and GE Healthcare partnership brings a forward-thinking supply chain model with one of the largest providers of medical equipment maintenance services in the world. Advantus saw tremendous savings and efficiencies through this program and is excited to offer it to all our members. Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can improve and streamline your medical equipment management.

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