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GE Healthcare and Advantus: Next-Generation Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)

The GE Healthcare technology management (HTM) and Advantus Health Partners collaboration offers complete lifecycle management for health system clinical assets. This program oversees all aspects of medical device management, including procurement management, expenditures, usage, maintenance, disinfection, recalls, and cybersecurity. Through this partnership, members efficiently handle medical equipment performance and risk

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Creating an Ecosystem of Strategic Supplier Partnerships

Advantus is “not about being everything to everybody,” as COO John Wright says. Instead of having a surplus of supplier partners in a particular category, Advantus vets and selects a narrow network of strategic suppliers. It’s important that they share our philosophy to create value that extends beyond just price

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The Purpose of Today’s Health Care Supply Chain

Because health care is essential to our lives, ensuring the seamless flow of medical supplies and innovation is, too. In a recent episode of the Med-Tech Gurus podcast, Dan Hurry, president of Advantus Health Partners, shares insights on the purpose of supply chain organizations in health care. Comparing Health Care

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Optimizing Health Care Supply Chain with Physician Leadership

In an increasingly interconnected health care landscape, the role of supply chain management has never been more crucial. From ensuring the availability of essential medical resources to optimizing costs without compromising patient care, supply chain management serves as a cornerstone of effective health care operations. On a SoundPractice podcast episode,

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Supply Chain Plays a Vital, Strategic Role in Health Care

Health care organizations face many challenges in their supply chain that add to its complexity. “In health care supply chain, we lack a universal language. If you look at the retail world, you have universal product codes that help the intelligence for the digital supply chain and the flow of

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Reduce Health Care Supply Chain Costs While Maintaining Quality

At Advantus Health Partners, we’re passionate about helping health systems reduce their supply chain spend. On a recent episode of PSQH: The Podcast, Jimmy Chung, M.D., chief medical officer of Advantus Health Partners, shares lessons learned from 2022 and areas of opportunity for health systems. Shortages are still expected to

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