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October 24, 2023

The Purpose of Today’s Health Care Supply Chain

Because health care is essential to our lives, ensuring the seamless flow of medical supplies and innovation is, too. In a recent episode of the Med-Tech Gurus podcast, Dan Hurry, president of Advantus Health Partners, shares insights on the purpose of supply chain organizations in health care.

Comparing Health Care Supply Chains: Ireland vs. the U.S.

Dan Hurry

In the podcast episode, Dan compares the health care supply chains in Ireland and the United States. He offers a unique perspective on the differences in regulations, logistics, and the overall approach to health care supply chain management in these regions.

“The pricing is vastly different,” shares Dan. “We find that pharmaceuticals can be as much as a 50% difference in cost for the same products. When looking at implants, there’s about a 30% delta in price.”

Fostering Medical Device Innovation

Medical device innovation is crucial for advancing health care. The landscape of medical technology is evolving, and small startups can make an impact. Dan believes in the need for agility, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the health care ecosystem to succeed in this ever-changing industry.

Building Strategic Partnerships

Forging strategic alliances can make health care operations more efficient and effective. It’s not just about the partnerships themselves, but also the people behind them. Trust, collaboration, and shared goals play a pivotal role in partnership success.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Dan’s expertise in health care supply chains, combined with his insights into medical device innovation and the power of partnerships, offers a holistic view of the health care industry. It reminds us that the purpose of what we do in health care goes far beyond the logistics; it’s about making a positive impact on the lives of patients and the future of health care itself.

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