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May 31, 2023

Supply Chain Plays a Vital, Strategic Role in Health Care

Dan Hurry

Health care organizations face many challenges in their supply chain that add to its complexity.

“In health care supply chain, we lack a universal language. If you look at the retail world, you have universal product codes that help the intelligence for the digital supply chain and the flow of products,” shares Dan Hurry, president of Advantus, in a Supply Chain Management Review podcast episode, “Talking Supply Chain: Health care and the vital role the supply chain plays.”

There is also a lack of standardization within supply chain. “There are currently over 9,000 variations of surgical gloves,” shares Dan. “An effective supply chain runs off of rich data and intelligence. When you don’t have common language and intelligence, you won’t be efficient in how you physically move products.”

What are the challenges facing healthcare supply chain?

How can organizations navigate these supply chain challenges? Read the full article here.

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