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Creating an Ecosystem of Strategic Supplier Partnerships

Advantus is “not about being everything to everybody,” as COO John Wright says. Instead of having a surplus of supplier partners in a particular category, Advantus vets and selects a narrow network of strategic suppliers. It’s important that they share our philosophy to create value that extends beyond just price

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Collaborate on Value Analysis to Drive Supply Chain Success

Value analysis serves as a cornerstone for fostering collaborative relationships between Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and suppliers within health care. An article in The Journal of Healthcare Contracting details invaluable perspectives shared at the IDN Insights West panel that included Cheryl Anderson Smith, System Director of Value Analysis at Steward

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3 Secrets of High-Performing Supply Chains

Going Beyond the Financials If your health system is looking to reduce supply chain costs, you’re not alone. Nearly half of health care leaders are prioritizing supply chain as the number one cost-saving initiative this year. Many health system leaders rely on their GPOs to leverage collective purchasing power. But

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3 Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain in 2024

In 2024, executives in the health care supply chain are challenging how things are done. They are thinking differently about supply chain, moving it from a line item to the bottom line. Recent years have been tough, with lots of challenges, like more drug shortages than we’ve seen in almost

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3 Ways High-Performing Supply Chains Enable Value-Based Care

Health system leaders look to reduce their overall costs by targeting supply chain optimization — almost half say it’s their No. 1 cost-saving initiative this year. But amid financial challenges, inflation and supply shortages, that goal is much trickier to achieve today. The traditional group purchasing organization (GPO) approach fails

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