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April 13, 2023

Try a New Approach to Find Health Care Supply Chain Savings

As health systems face continued financial challenges, 47% of health care leaders say supply cost reductions will be among their top cost-saving initiatives this year. These reductions will demand difficult choices around what to cut and necessitate an agile response in an inflationary environment.

The old ways of doing things in health care supply chain won’t be enough to provide the value health systems need. To find supply chain savings, health care leaders must be open to new approaches that leverage talent, knowledge, systems, and data for transformational change. Fortunately, Advantus Health Partners can provide expertise on how to be set up for success.

How can health care leaders approach supply cost reductions?

John Wright, chief operating officer at Advantus Health Partners shares in a Chief Healthcare Executive article factors to consider for expense reduction:

  1. Overcoming supply chain knowledge gaps should be a top area of focus for health systems.
  2. It’s time for the role of supply chain leaders to be elevated.
  3. New approaches to supply chain value will become critical in 2023.

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